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Welcome to the FamilyFlock website.  This site is dedicated to the collection and preservation of genealogical information of our entire family.

Now, when I say our entire family, I mean just that.  This is an ambitious goal.  I fully realize that in theory, every single person on the planet is ultimately related, and therefore this is a project that can never be completed.  But I have to start somewhere ... and this is that start.

Why?  Well, why not?  More importantly, when our kids and grandkids ask us about some of this information, we won't have to admit to not keeping any records.  (Or being forced to make something interesting up on the spot.)  Rather, we can confidently point them in the direction of this website -- or whatever form it's become at that time -- and feel comfortable in the knowledge that they can easily find all the nuts in their family tree.   I'm talking about you, of course.  Hey, don't feel bad -- the nuts are the ones who are best remembered, right? 

Who is the familyflock?  This database is being started with living families, and working back (and forward, and sideways) from there. The term "family tree" just didn't seem appropriate, since we've actually got a cross-section of many family trees.  So the term family flock was coined to describe the entire group, as it is expected to grow quite large, very quickly.

Submit info to: submissions@familyflock.com


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